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Serper Makine is an agent for

Vergnano Hobs and Vebro Broaches in Turkey,

CDM Automation Broaching Machines in Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.

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Cutting Tools

HSSE-PM Hobs, Solid Carbide Hobs 

Flat Broaches, Round Broaches, Hard Metal Broaches, Dry Broaches


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HSSE-PM Solid Hobs

Vergnano has actively participated in the development of the dry hobbing method. The combined use of powder metallurgy high speed steel (HSSE-PM) substrates and hard coatings, such as TiAlN and AlCrN, HSSE-PM Solid Hobs could reaches cutting speeds exceeding 200 m/min.

PM steel often represents an economically advantageous alternative to solid carbide. Although solid carbide can be use with higher cutting speeds, HSSE-PM has higher toughness and it can be used with higher feed rates. In addition, hobs made from HSSE-PM have lower initial, re-sharpening and re-coating costs.

Solid Carbide Hobs

In certain particular applications the use of solid carbide hobs is advantageous compared to PM steels hobs. For example, when it is necessary to use cutting speeds higher than to 350 – 400 m/min, when small modules are required or in other extreme applications which cannot be covered by steel hobs.

For hobs, two different solid carbide types are employed: grade “K” and grade “P”, both of which offered by Vergnano. Each grade can have different compositions depending on its final use. Grade “K” hobs, mostly used for large scale production, must be recoated after being resharpened, whereas grade “P” hobs can be used after resharpening without recoating and are therefore more suitable for numerous, small production lots.


Flat Broaches

Vebro has long-standing experience in constructing external broaches and in particular, profiled flat broaches. Flat broachess are produced for numerous applications, and in particular in the automotive, aeronautics and energy production sectors.


Vebro is specialised in producing flat broaches for the automotive sector: machining of connecting rods, joints, brakes, axles, steering components. For the latter, Vebro is the leader in the design and serial production of broaches with full form finisher that, when combined with specific coatings.

Round Broaches

Vebro's production includes all the main types of internal broaches: cylindrical broaches, involute profile, straight flanks spline and special profiles. Vebro is specialised in the production of large sized broaches with Full Form technology, which is important for high precision toothed profile.

Hard Metal Broaches

The hard metal broaches are used for grinding after the thermal treatment of extremely high-precision gears. Broaching consists in eliminating possible component deformations caused by thermal treatment, an operation that requires a special high speed broaching machine.

Dry Broaches

Dry broaching are using when there is a need to protect the machined component from contact with fluids that could damage it, typically in cases when the component includes electrical and electronic circuits. Also some companies are using this process in order to reduce the use of oils and emulsions in their production.

Machine Tools

Machine Tools

Table Up - Electro Hydraulic Broaching Machine, Table Up - Electro Mechanical Broaching Machine 

Table Up - Hard Broaching Machine, Fixed Table Broaching Machine

Horizontal Electro Mechanical Helical Broaching Machine

Broaching Machines

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Table Up - Electro Hydraulic Broaching Machine
Table Up - Electro Mechanical Broaching Machine

* In special version for high speed broaching, 27 M/min at 20 Ton

Table Up - Hard Broaching Machine
Fixed Table Broaching Machine
Horizontal Electro Mechanical Helical Broaching Machine
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